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Lode tells you about life inside the bjz in the second part of this video.

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Lode part 1
Lode part 1
Lode part 2
Lode part 2

CHILDLABOUR rally den Hague.

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For years now the Dutch companies use children to work in France. One child recently escaped the work camp in France and went in hiding. Following is an official letter where all the people questioning the use of children for labour were side tracked. The official website of the centre aurilange company, based in Leiden the Netherlands but with the work in Le bourg, Auriac France, does not mention the fact that they use these kids for labour. They are a company with Dutch chamber of commerce papers operating via the Rabobank. Children as young as 6 are send to France.


To the Dutch minister of health and sports
Pb 20350
2500 EJ den Hague

Drs JF de Vries

Foreign health insurance,

In your letter of 17 th of June 2005 u stated that there are troublesome signals in a rapport of the French inspection on foreign health insurance on Dutch companies who use this for Dutch youths. The signals specifically deal with centre aurillange and the use of them by the Dutch company Horizon.
Because of the signals the inspection asks for 2 sorts of auditing:
1.reviewing the report of the internal examination done by Horizon.
2.examining the quality in broad view. Responsible care whilst placing in foreign projects. quality of care in individual cases and rights of clients.
Besides this provinces and regions give information on the scale.

The states secretary of w.v.s. has asked the inspection on youths care (IJZ) in a letter dated 17th of june 2005 to inspect when Dutch health insurance companies use foreign care abroad. This has been done by request of the French jobs inspection. Youngsters are not insured for accidents on the job. The isolation of the youths; it is unclear whether the youths can attend a school. It is said that the company that the signals refer to have no juridical permission and uses ‘hosting’ that is not recognized by the French government.
These are the signals that led to the questions on the quality of the care.
9 organizations use only centre aurillange for 50 youths. 4 organizations use other offers besides centre aurillange, for a total of 79 youths. The use in 2004 for of centre aurillange for youths is not exactly stated but lies in between 50 and 129.

Youths placed out of their homes: 110
Youths who were convicted of a delict: 15
For 23 youths there has been no indication
Age categories:
6-11 year olds: 3
12-14 year olds: 27
15-17 year olds 106
18 up: 23
The type given is ‘ervaring’learning (ervaring is a word also used in Dutch to indicate if a worker has worked in the same type of job before.)

Twice such a placement abroad had been used as a time out for the same naughty kid both for a period of 3 months.

Another letter presented to the minister president of Holland mentioned the following:
26th of april 2007:
To the chairman of the ‘tweedekamer’ (dail)
I hereby present you a letter with addition of inspection on youths care, in which the inspection informed me on the condition of insuring the foreign care.
In reaction to the signals , like for instance long working hours, based on a control investigation by the French work inspection, my predecessor has asked to look well at this foreign care.
On the basis of a questionnaire conducted by IPO in which the Dutch companies (dealing with these kids) and directed by the MO group, the inspection came up with 4 recommendations, in order to insure the conditions are met.
Seen the risks and the distance, it is vital for this form of care that it is proven to be effective care and extra value is added. The Dutch institute of Youth care company spreads information on the effectiveness viewable on I think it is important to add the results of our investigation towards the effectiveness of the foreign care to this databank.
I asked ZonMw to suggest a program youth that will gather information in the coming years on the effectiveness so I can see costs, effectiveness and added value of foreign placement.

Minister for youth and family,
Mr A Rouwvoet.

Do note his nephew is the owner of a youth handling company.